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How Can Your Business Benefit?

Increase Profitability and Bring in New Clients

The Formostar Body Wrap is easy to setup and easy to maintain with a quick turnaround between clients.  Clients LOVE the benefits of the wrap and will come back week after week to experience the benefits. 

The wrap is also an amazing add-on to body contouring clients as it helps to increase blood flow and metabolize fat through the body. 

Low Investment Cost

Instant Revenue

Easy Add On

More Clients

What sort of an ROI can be obtained by introducing an Infrared Body Wrap to your business?

This ROI is based on 3,8 and 8 daily treatments offered at $79 per session.


Treatments Per Day
1 Month (30 days)
1 Year

These are estimates based on average charge of an infrared wrap session.  We make no guarantee that you will obtain these same results.